About us

Welcome to the Hotel

It is located in the commercial and financial center of Cajamarca, 1 block from the main square, its facilities are equipped to provide comfort to your business trip. Enjoy a warm welcome in an old colonial house, exclusively equipped for you and your family to enjoy our hospitality, comfort and personalized attention. We invite you to know what this beautiful historic city offers, and to enjoy a pleasant stay at the El Portal del Marqués Hotel.

Our history

Cajamarca was born more than 3,000 years ago with the first human groups of Huacaloma, Layzón, Cumbe Mayo and Otuzco. Reaching its greatest development between the years 500 and 1000 of our era as a center of culture CAXAMARCA. In the year 1532, Cajamarca was the scene of one of the most momentous events in Universal History, when the meeting between Francisco Pizarro and the Inca Atahualpa gave rise to the modern history of our country and the approach of the Andean world to the western world, where Upon knowing the treasures of the rescue room, the recognition phrase «Vale un Perú» was born. In merit to its historical, cultural, natural attributes and the valuable contribution of its children make that in the present its people yearn to be recognized as World Heritage.

Our culture

EL PORTAL DEL MARQUES was created to offer a service of exclusivity and excellence at a national level, through a highly qualified staff, in continuous development and led by specialists in management and management in order to provide customers with a high value experience , providing quality in the service.

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